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Anderson Hay Company Double Compressed Options

    Double Compressed Mini Bale

    double-compressed-cut-bale-slideOut of our Washington plant we are offering a new bale type. The Mini Bale is a Double Compressed bale that has been cut to 2/3 the size. It is produced from 2 tie field bales and from cut down big bales. The mini bale is a light weight packaging option which allows for easy handling and exceptional fiber length. Less pressure is used for compressing which makes the bales easier to separate giving the fiber a more natural appearance.

    Loading Options: These smaller bale options can be loaded in all of the offered loading options except for Super Load.

    Dimension: 21W x 17L X 16H

    Bale Weight: 36 kg

    Double Compressed Options

    Double Compressed Bale

    Double Compressed 1/2 Cut Bale

    * Port of Seattle image by Don Wilson