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    Harvest Update - June 28, 2018

    Posted on Jun 29, 2018

    Alfalfahay storage

    Second cutting is underway for some growers in Washington State as they take advantage of clear weather windows, and color looks good for this cutting. Recent challenging weather patterns have cleared in Oregon and 1st cutting has resumed. We’re seeing good color and a small amount of over maturity on some fields that are left to be cut. Quality will be determined after testing.

    In the Pacific Southwest, New Mexico growers are in between cuttings and water has been turned off in preparation for 2nd cutting. Weather in Arizona has cleared, and temperatures have increased from last week, resulting in mostly High Color Economy coming from this region. Harvest is moving along well, with about 30% of 5th cutting complete and 20% baled.


    Growers in the Columbia Basin of Washington State have finished cutting and have about 20% left to bale. There is a small amount in Kittitas Valley left to cut. Quality on what is left to be baled looks good, but final grades will be determined once baled.


    Baling has begun for Annual Rye and Orchard straw, with some early varieties of Fescue going into the bale as well. Harvest is on track and we have no quality concerns at this time.

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