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    Harvest Update - Alfalfa & Timothy 10 June 2015

    Posted on Jun 10, 2015

    As Alfalfa harvest proceeds, unexpected storms during the growing season continue to affect the quality in the Pacific Southwest (PSW) keeping the pricing on green hay stronger than projected. Growers are expected to finish up 4th cutting over the next few days, with some starting on their 5th cutting. The quality is typical for this time of year. The other Western States (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho) that provide inventory for the PSW Plant will be in full production this week.


    In the Pacific Northwest (PNW), Washington State is completing their 1st cutting Alfalfa harvest, with a small portion starting on the 2nd cutting in the next week. We are seeing a lot of rain damaged hay and middle to lower end quality causinpricing on green hay to remain higher than expected. Early 2nd cutting Alfalfa harvest has begun and, as with 1st, will be spread out over the next three or four weeks. Growers are expecting a better 2nd cutting as the weather conditions have improved in the last week. The 10-day weather forecast is promising, with temperatures in the 80s and 90s and no rain expected.

    The 1st cutting Timothy harvest is going strong in both the Kittitas Valley and Columbia Basin of Washington State. In light of the heat and forecast, growers will be cutting aggressively over the next week.    

    The combination of the warmer weather, heavy winds, and intermittent storms during the growing season, has led to increased lodging for some growers. We will see a wide range of variety and grades in the 1st cutting harvest as a result of the challenging conditions and early growing.

    Anderson News will continue its weekly publication schedule, and we will keep you informed as harvest progresses. To have this blog from Anderson Hay delivered directly to your email, subscribe above on the right.  

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