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    Harvest Update - Alfalfa and Timothy 12 August 2015

    Posted on Aug 13, 2015

    Growers across the Pacific Southwest (PSW) continue to work around monsoon season, which typically peaks in the middle of August. Growers are about 50% through the 6th cutting of Alfalfa, and a small amount has been baled. In Arizona, New Mexico, Bermuda_Grass_Hay_CRITand Utah short windows of dry weather helped harvest. Growers in New Mexico and Utah were able to start 3rd cutting this week.  Due to unpredictable rain storms and the delayed harvest, quality is challenged. The 8-day forecast for Utah and Nevada show some possibility of thunderstorms. The rest of the PSW should have mostly clear weather, providing more a favorable cutting window. Storms are expected to clear completely by the end of September.

    In the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Klamath Falls and Christmas Valley received lots of rain throughout their 2nd cutting harvest limiting export quality Alfalfa from this cutting. Growers are planning to begin 3rd cutting within the next few weeks.

    Meanwhile, growers in the Columbia Basin and Kittitas Valley of Washington State are wrapping up 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest. Overall, the cutting displays good quality and color. Growers are just beginning to kick off 4th cutting and are expected to continue strong as weather forecasts are favorable over most of the region.

    The 2nd cutting Timothy harvest is beginning to ramp up in the Kittitas Valley and Columbia Basin. The upcoming weather promises cooler temperatures. Early indications are that quality is good.

    Harvest is pretty well finished in the Willamette Valley of Oregon; only about 10% is left to be baled.  As predicted, yields were down due to the dry hot weather while quality remained consistent.

    Anderson News will continue its weekly publication schedule, and we will keep you informed as harvest progresses. To have this blog from Anderson Hay delivered directly to your email, subscribe above on the right.

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