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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

    Straw harvest wraps up, 2nd Cutting Timothy harvest ongoing

    Posted on Aug 23, 2012

    As we move into late August, hot weather is giving way to cooler temperatures. Though it may be cooling down, sunshine is prevailing. This is allowing for final harvest activities to end on a high note.

    This has been especially helpful in Utah, where the 3rd cutting Alfalfa Harvest is currently underway. There is some nice green Alfalfa that is being cut in the area. Though dry skies are dominating the area, we are seeing a few isolated showers predicted. Hopes are that the rain will fall outside the harvest areas. We are expecting to see 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest in Utah finish strong.

    In Oregon we haveAnderson Hay Oregon Division Straw seen some great quality straw being baled. We have been happy with this year’s grass straw harvest. We are currently moving hay into barns in the countryside as well as bringing it into our Oregon Division facility located in Aurora, OR. The Anderson Hay team has worked hard to procure straw for our customers this summer.

    Washington State growers have moved into 2nd cutting Timothy harvest. We have been happy with the crop from the early fields. These promising early results are raising hopes of a strong harvest to support our long standing customers.

    The curing conditions in Washington are excellent as Sudan grass harvest continues. With warm winds blowing through the area, the quality is superior to previous years though quantity will be limited in the PNW.

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