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    Timothy Hay 1st cutting starts

    Posted on Jun 18, 2012

    Timothy Hay 1st Cutting Harvest Update Anderson HayTimothy Hay harvest got a good start this week in the Columbia Basin. The cooler weather of the preceding weeks allowed for strong timothy growth. The weather has been favorable as growers begin the process of cutting and curing hay. They will take advantage of the continuing good weather to get their fields baled and in the stack this nex week. Kittitas Valley farmers will follow with the start of their harvest within the next week as they also look use the good weather in their favor. We will see the eariest fields cut this week while the warm and dry weather holds in the valley. 

    Growers throughout the Columbia Basin are wrpping up the 1st cutting Alfalfa Hay harvest this week. As weather was alternately dry and wet during this year's first cutting, we are seening mixed results in the hay. We have some with rain damage, some that is a bit over mature, and some that is quite a nice quality hay. In the next week or so we should see growers get a start on the 2nd cutting Alfalfa harvest. With temperatures rising and dry skies in the forcast, growers should have an opportunity to put up some nice quality 2nd cutting.

    Weather in Idaho and Utah has also improved over the last week. We have seen some moderate testing, nice green hay come out of Idaho and Utah.

    The Pacific South West (PSW) continues to experice hot weather. The harvest is steadily producing a drier, summer hay.

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