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Anderson Hay Loading Options



Anderson’s Ander-Pak® system is a package that is durable and offers reduced handling and storage costs.

Each Ander-Pak® unit is wrapped in specialized plastic which has been carefully tested for its levels of flexibility and stretch.



Timothy Hay, Shipped Internationally, Anderson Hay Anderson’s Slide-A-Pak® option ensures extreme efficiency and easy unloading without the need for unloading facilities.

Moving hay units packaged with the exclusive Slide-A-Pak® belts is an excellent option for farm delivery. These belts have been strategically placed around the units to keep the bales uniform and strong. A towing belt is placed around the bottom of each unit, making unloading and moving efficient and easy.

The belt is designed with loops that allow the Slide-A-Pak® to be easily unloaded using only a tractor and chain. Compared to conventional methods, the simplicity and durability of this system cuts time spent unloading dramatically.


Loading And Configuration Options

430kg / Mag

Straight Load – Logo Facing

60/56 Bales

DC Minibale

4 x 6 Super Load

720 Bales

DC Minibale

18 Bale Unit x 4 – Ander-Pak®

648 Bales


5 x 4 Straight Load

440 Bales Alfalfa / 420 Bales Timothy


4 x 4 Straight Load

432 Bales (Alfalfa and Timothy)


12 Bale Unit x 4 (Ander-Pak)

432 Bales

DC 1/2 Cut

5 x 8 Straight Load

880 Bales Alfalfa / 840 Bales Timothy

DC 1/2 Cut

4 x 8 Straight Load

864 Bales (Alfalfa and Timothy)

DC 1/2 Cut

24 Bale Unit x 4 – Ander-Pak®

864 Bales

3 Tie / 3 Tie CD

2 Flat 8 Edge

288/272 Bales

3 Tie

Flat Stack 6 High

248 Bales