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    Harvest Update - Timothy and Alfalfa 19 August 2015

    Posted on Aug 21, 2015

    In the Pacific Southwest (PSW), the rainy weather has finally cleared in New Mexico and Utah. The forecast for the upcoming week is favorable with dry weather conditions expected. Growers are continuing their 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest. So, far they have cut about half of the fields and have a small amount baled. Temperatures are expected to be in excess of 100°F for the next week.timothy_hay_2nd_cutting_red_rock

    Growers in Arizona and Nevada are half way through with 6th cutting harvest. The area experienced scorching hot weather all through last week and sporadic, untimely rains. The adverse weather created challenges for growers during the 6th cutting Alfalfa harvest. Temperatures are expected to remain high throughout the next week, and we are eager to see how this affects quality.

    The 4th cutting Alfalfa harvest has begun in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). A small number of growers have been able to take advantage of the cutting window, with more expected to begin in the next 7-10 days. Farmers in some areas are still working on finishing up baling 3rd cutting, as the curing time as been extended sl

    We are continuing to see good quality come out of the 2nd cutting Timothy harvest in Washington State. Cutting is about halfway complete in the Columbia Basin, and about a quarter of the way in the Kittitas Valley. Some growers have started baling and have about 25% and 15%, respectively, baled in the Basin and Valley.  Weather has been advantageous in the last week, and temperatures are expected to remain warm for the remainder of harvest.

    Anderson News will continue its weekly publication schedule, and we will keep you informed as harvest progresses. To have this blog from Anderson Hay delivered directly to your email, subscribe above on the right.

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