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    Harvest Update - Alfalfa 24 September 2015

    Posted on Sep 24, 2015

    In both the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and Pacific Southwest (PSW), irregular weather has pushed Alfalfa harvest out later than expected. With the elongated schedule comes a wide range in quality across the board.

    New Mexico has completed 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest, and has about 95% baled. In most areas, growers were able to stay ahead of the stormy weather during the curing process and quality is better than originally predicted. Some areas have started a 4th cutting harvest this week.

    The 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest in Utah has a wider range of quality due to some intense storms in the last two weeks. Growers able to avoid the poor weather put up great quality from this cutting. Weather is expected to be clear for the next 8 days, and good quality is expected from 4th cutting. So far, about 50% of 4th cutting harvest is complete, and 40% is baled.

    In Oregon, growers have almost wrapped up 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest and are expecting to begin 4th cutting harvest in a week or so. About 95% of 3rd cutting is baled so far.  As with most other regions in the PNW and PSW, showers during harvest have resulted in mixed quality and quite a bit of feeder grade hay. Growers who found good cutting windows were able to come up with some high quality hay.

    Harvesting a full cutting ahead of Oregon, growers in Washington State are about 85% done with 4th cutting harvest, and are expecting to finish this week. The 5th cutting harvest has begun in the South Columbia Basin. This cutting is expected to be high testing domestic dairy quality.

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