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    Harvest Update - July 26, 2018

    Posted on Jul 27, 2018

    AlfalfaBasin City, Washington State Timothy 2nd Cutting 2018

    Good weather over the last week has made it possible for 2nd cutting to wrap up in Washington State. Some fields in the South Columbia Basin will be ready for 3rd cutting next week, and the North Columbia Basin is about three weeks out. In Oregon, 2nd cutting is picking up, however growers are encountering some slightly longer curing conditions as they continue to cut and bale the rest of 2nd cutting.

    Monsoon season is in full effect in Arizona, where growers are encountering weather challenges and have not made much progress on 5th cutting over the last week. Second cutting in New Mexico finished up this week as growers navigated weather to find good windows for baling. We expect the majority of Alfalfa from this cutting and region to be lower grades.


    Second cutting has begun in the Columbia Basin. Warm temperatures bring ideal curing conditions, and we are expecting hay to go into bales by the end of the week. Growers are expected to begin in the Kittitas Valley in about three weeks.


    Straw harvest is moving along, well. All Fescue and Rye in the Willamette Valley has been cut, and about half of Fescue has been baled. Growers started baling Rye this week, it is about 20% complete.

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