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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

    Harvest Update - Alfalfa and Timothy 17 June 2015

    Posted on Jun 18, 2015

    As we move though this season’s Timothy harvest, we felt it would be helpful to give customers an update as they prepare for inspections over the next several weeks. We are seeing Timothy prices come down across the board which helps offset the weakening yen. While we feel true Premium Dairy through Premium Horse will be tighter than expected, we are putting together some of the nicest quality in years. Premium Dairy will have very limited amounts of brown stem and great overall color. We are seeing a larger bucket of what most suppliers call 1-A. This hay is also nice but will show some brown stem, and is more reflective of a lower level Premium Dairy from the last few years.pics_273

    We are also seeing a large bucket of #1 Dairy. There seems to be more of this hay due to fields laying over and temperatures turning unseasonably hot. This hay should be priced very competitively with Oat Hay, Sudan and other crops as the shipping season continues. We feel this will be a great year for customers to get back to expecting the high-end quality that has been the region’s trademark over the past several decades, at a much more reasonable price. 

    Unseasonable weather patterns over the past weekend continued to hamper Alfalfa harvest in the PSW (Pacific Southwest), keeping supply of export quality limited and prices high.  Arizona growers are finishing up their 4th cutting harvests and are expected to beg 5th cutting this week.  Other PSW states are approximately 50% of the way through their 1st cuttings.

    First cutting Alfalfa harvest in Washington State is wrapping up and 2nd cutting has begun in the South Columbia Basin.  So far we are seeing very nice quality green 2nd cutting hay coming out of that area and expect the harvest will continue in full swing in light of the stable 10-day weather forecast for the region. 

    Fescue harvest is expected to begin next week in the Willamette Valley providing dry weather continues as forecasted.

    Anderson News will continue its weekly publication schedule, and we will keep you informed as harvest progresses. To have this blog from Anderson Hay delivered directly to your email, subscribe above on the right. 

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