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    Harvest Update - Alfalfa 30 September 2015

    Posted on Oct 1, 2015

    Growers in New Mexico are well underway with their 4th cutting Alfalfa harvest in some areas. About 25% has been cut and 10% baled so far. The 3rd cutting is still in progress as well, with just 5% of the harvest left to bale. Good weather has allowed for some very nice, green Alfalfa from this crop. Some precipitation is expected over the weekend.

    Similar to New Mexico, some growersin Oregon are pushing to get the last of their 3rd cutting harvest baled while others are in the middle of 4th cutting harvest. Hay quality from this crop is also nice and green, and most of it is expected to be sold domestically. The weather has been mild and is should stay above the 70’s for the next week.

    In Utah, clear weather has allowed for a good 4th cutting, but there is a push to finish up before the showers which are forecasted for the weekend and potentially into next week. Nearly all of the fields have been cut and over half have been baled.

    Baling of the 4th cutting fields is finishing up in Washington State, and some growers in the south Columbia Basin are midway through their 5th cutting harvest. The Alfalfa being baled has nice green color and soft quality. Clear weather is expected over the next week.

    In the Pacific Southwest, growers have wrapped up 6th cutting harvest and have a good start on 7th cutting. Unlike the Pacific Northwest, weather has been unseasonably hot, with temperatures rising over 100°. Export quality will be limited from this cutting due to the weather, which is expected to drop back into the 90s as soon as tomorrow.

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