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    Anderson Hay highlighted in Choose Washington campaign video

    Posted on Sep 23, 2013

    Anderson Hay was honored to be highlighted in the newest video for the Choose Washington campaign. In this video from the Department of Commerce “world-class companies explain why they choose Washington as a place to do business, including its pioneer spirit, diversity, connectivity, passion and can-do culture.” Six companies with international business ties were highlighted to demonstrate the qualities exemplified by successful businesses in Washington State.

    With its strategic location on the Pacific Ocean coast line, abundant resources such as land and water, as well as a diverse infrastructure of roads, railways and port facilities, Washington State is uniquely suited to supply countries across the Pacific with agricultural products.

    According to Mark Anderson, CEO/President of Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. headquartered in the heart of Washington State, “You become very global in your thinking, even if you’re in agriculture, even if you’re in the country side because that’s the market.”

    Anderson Hay is a third generation, Anderson Hay Family Farmfamily run business founded over 50 years ago in Ellensburg, Washington. From its humble beginnings as a small hay distributer, Anderson Hay has been a pioneer in the industry. Now the largest hay exporter in the world, Anderson Hay’s production network consists of many family owned farms throughout the Western United States. Coupled with its strong grower base that has been developed over generations, Anderson Hay’s state of the art production facilities provide customers worldwide with the agricultural products their growing markets demand.

    As the needs of customers expand, intense commitment to Operational Expertise keeps Anderson Hay on the leading edge of innovation in agriculture. With strong investments in technology, Anderson Hay works hard to ensure a level of quality and traceability for both growers and customers that is unparalleled in the industry. With over a half century of experience in agriculture excellence, and now the oldest international supplier of hay worldwide, Anderson Hay makes these promises to customers and suppliers:

    • To provide a consistent supply of products all year round
    • To always be easy to do business with
    • To continue our pioneering expertise
    Learn more about Anderson Hay by visiting www.Anderson-Hay.com. To receive this blog directly in your email, subscribe above on the left.

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