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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

    Harvest Update - Alfalfa & Timothy

    Posted on Sep 5, 2013

    Once again, rain has challenged the Kittitas Valley 2nd Cutting Timothyharvest last week through much of the Western United States. The majority of areas where rain fell were hit more than once. Growers stopped harvesting or delayed the start to avoid the showers. The actual damage to hay varied widely depending on the area. As Oregon Alfalfa was between cuttings, the hay received little damage. Very few fields had just begun to cut their fields. Meanwhile, the Pacific Southwest sustained more damage across a wide area. During the long harvest season, Sudan and Alfalfa harvest is almost continual. 

    In Washington State, 2nd cutting Timothy are underway. With rain frequently falling at inopportune times throughout the 2013 harvest year, the focus is on looking for a good cutting and curing window in the weather. The Columbia Basin 2nd cutting had some rain fall a few weeks ago. Some fields did have rain damage while other fields had delays in harvest as growers waited for weather to clear. Rain damage in the Kittitas Valley was lighter as cutting had not begun.

    In the Kittitas Valley Growers and harvest crews are heavily focused on 2nd cutting Timothy harvest. The quality of the 2nd cutting Timothy crop remains a major concern of most of our customers after this year’s difficult 1st cutting. Harvest activities need to continue in earnest as the upcoming weather patterns are mixed and the 2nd cutting Timothy is maturing nicely and is ready to be cut. With fall weather looking like it will be arriving early, we are hoping for the best and working very hard to put up a quality product.  We will keep you informed as this is a very critical time in the Timothy season.

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