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    Harvest Update - Alfalfa, Timothy & Straw

    Posted on Aug 9, 2013

    Growers have had their share of harvestingOregon Straw Harvest and Trucks Anderson Hay issues this season. Fortunately the weather has dried out to allow more favorable conditions for the upcoming 2nd cutting Alfalfa and Timothy harvests and the Oregon Straw harvest.

    Across the Willamette Valley in Oregon, the weather for straw harvest has been quite favorable. Though the yields have been lower than in previous years, the quality is good this year. Growers in Oregon will also be working around the forecasted rain as best they can to keep damage at a minimum. 

    We are looking forward to having out new crop inventory put together and in front of our customers for August and September orders. We are pleased with the overall quality of the straw this year and believe our customers will be happy with what they see.

    In Washington, 2nd cutting Alfalfa harvesting activities have gone well. Due to the weather warming up, the Alfalfa that has been harvested has a good, green color. Growers halted their cutting for a few days during harvest. This allowed a predicted rain shower to pass without damaging the crop.

    The hot weather also had an effect on 2nd cutting Timothy harvest. With temperatures in the nineties, the growth of Timothy hay in the Kittitas Valley was slowed. Growers worked hard to insure that irrigation water was moving through the fields to keep the Timothy hay growing.

    Despite the rise in temperatures, the 2nd cutting Timothy crops look very good. Kittitas Valley growers will begin cutting their fields later this month. Some of the earliest fields in the Columbia Basin have already been cut. Again, growers halted harvesting activities in order to allow predicted rain showers to pass. Their remaining fields look promising and harvest should resume in a couple of weeks.

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