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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

    Timothy and Alfalfa Harvests Face Weather Challenges

    Posted on Jul 12, 2013

    The weather has cleared throughout the Western U.S. during this past week. Summer temperatures have arrived in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) enabling harvests of all products to resume.


    PNW 2nd cutting Alfalfa Alfalfa drying in Arizona Anderson Hayis underway with favorable weather conditions and very nice green hay going into the bale. Warm temperatures and light winds have made for some great curing conditions for this Alfalfa.

    Pacific Southwest (PSW) Alfalfa harvest continues with some extremely hot weather in the far south. Depending on location in the PSW, quality can vary greatly. Anderson Hay continues to focus on putting the best quality Alfalfa inventory together throughout the region to meet our customers’ needs.



    As 1st cutting harvest closes, it is clear this is the most challenging Timothy harvest we have experienced in a very long time, across all Timothy growing areas. Growers struggled to hold the quality of the crop while poor weather was continual in most regions.

    It is unfortunate that this happened as there was potential for superior quality hay to be harvested before the rain damaged the crop. The upper half of the grades will be limited and at this time we are working to help customers find product to meet their needs.

    We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding of this challenging situation. There is an opportunity with more volume in the lower grades to find some Timothy to meet the needs of dairy and beef farmers who are always challenged to reduce their feed costs.


    Grass Straw

    Grass straw harvest is underway in the Willamette Valley. This region has had good weather and harvest is going well. We will keep you informed of yields and quality over the next few weeks.

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