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    Harvest Season for Alfalfa and Timothy Nears Conclusion

    Posted on Sep 10, 2012

    With fall just around the corner, farmers across the West are wrapping up harvest activities. The Pacific South West is nearly finished with their 6th cutting Alfalfa harvest. They have one additional cutting left in the growing season.

    Utah has had a difficult 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest this year. Hard rains fell throughout the Utah growing regions after farmers had cut fields. Up to an inch of rain fell in some areas. We estimate that 50% of the 3rd cutting crop has received rain. Updates will follow after the harvest is completed and we have a better idea of the available grading and hay  for export.

    Idaho has also experienced a wet end to summer. Though a very little hay has been rained on, growers had to delay their 3rd cutting. This has allowed the Alfalfa to mature. Now that the weather forecast calls for dry skies, growers are busy getting the remaining fields cut and baled. There will still be 3rd cutting Alfalfa from this area that will suit the needs of our customers.

    Oregon has been spared wet weather in the last few weeks as warm temperatures and clear skies have provided favorable harvest conditions. The dew moisture has also been low allowing the hay to cure nicely. We have been seeing greener hay from 3rd cutting Alfalfa in this region than from 2nd. We are working hard to secure additional inventory from Oregon and we expect the hay to be a good value for this year.

    Washington has also benefitted 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest in central Columbia Basinfrom mostly warm and dry weather at the tail end of harvest. Third cutting Alfalfa harvest is nearing completion with a small percentage of the fields remaining uncut. The 2nd cutting Timothy harvest is also in full swing in the Columbia Basin and Kittitas Valley. Weather has been good and growers are working hard to make up for the challenging 1st cutting season.

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