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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

    1st cutting Alfalfa and Timothy Hay Harvest Update

    Posted on Jun 25, 2012

    Harvest season has been going well this year. First cutting Alfalfa harvest has concluded in Utah, Idaho and Washington. Washington is also finishing up 1st cutting Timothy harvest this month. Oregon is still wrapping up their 1st cutting Alfalfa harvest and will begin the straw harvest next month. Weather continues to be a factor as growers work around forcasted rain to bring in a good crop.

    In Utah, rain fell in the northern areas during harvest. The fields from  Salt Lake City south remained dry, howerver. We should see some nice alfalfa hay from that region. Second cutting Alfalfa harvest will begin in the earlist fields this week.

    In Washington, growers in the Columbia basin have already begun 2nd cutting. Oregon growers are in the middle of first cutting. We are seeing nice hay being baled. Weather continues to be a concern for alfalfa cutting as growers atempt to harvest with forcasts in mind.

    The 1st cutting Timmothy Timothy hay from Columbia Basin curing 2012harvest jas also begun in Washington State. Growers in both the Columbia Basin and Kittitas Valley are working hard to bring in the Timothy as weather poses a potential threat over the next week or so.

    In Oregon, grass seed crops are developing well. Harvesting schedules remain on time. We should see straw harvest begin in the 2nd week of July.

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