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    Harvest Season for Alfalfa Hay

    Posted on May 30, 2012

    The Washington state alfalfa hay harvest has begun in the Southern Columbia Basin. Some growers go an early start on harvest this year. They were able to put up some nice quality hay. Unfortunately, rain fell after hay was cut and damaged about 70% of the early harvest.  Cooler, wet weather  delayed further harvesting as growers waited for the drier weather to arrive.  Many growers were able to continue harvesting this week.

    Alfalfa hay, Anderson Hay

    Idaho and Utah alfalfa hay harvest will be starting shortly and the Oregon harvest will begin in Klamath Falls and Madras during the first week of June. The alfalfa harvest across the Pacific Southwest (PSW) continues to move forward. Unfortunately, record high temperatures across the region are adversely affecting hay quality.

    The Washington timothy hay harvest will begin in the next few weeks.
    Depending on location, we could see timothy hay harvest start as early as next week.  The cooler, wet weather that Washington has had is beneficial for timothy growth. This type of weather provides the optimum growing conditions for timothy hay . This year’s timothy acreage is similar to last year throughout the region.  

    Straw harvest is about a month away. The Oregon grass crops are growing well and there has been good ground moisture to provide a good growing season. We expect the straw harvest for Fescue, Rye and Perennial Rye to begin in July.

    We will be posting weekly updates on the alfalfa, timothy and straw harvests through September. Check back in to see what is happening across the west.

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