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    Anderson Hay keeps shipments as PNW battles winter weather conditions

    Posted on Jan 27, 2012

    The last week or so has brought serious transportation and shipping challenges as winter finally hits the Pacific Northwest. The Governors of both Oregon and Washington have declared a State of Emergency for their states. With snow, ice and now flooding crippling the flow of transportation, the team at Anderson Hay is working hard to keep our shipments going. Along with snow closing several critical mountain passes, many ports experienced closures as much of the Seattle metro area shut down last week. Anderson Hay has been able to trouble shoot the numerous weather related issues without any major problems arising.

    On the eastern side of the pass our Clearing snow at Anderson Haycorporate headquarters in Ellensburg, WA was bustling with activity as crews worked long hours to clear snow from around the plant. We have excellent snow removal equipment that has been consistently running to keep up with the accumulating snow. The Aurora, OR plant has also been challenged with weather as heavy rains and flooding continue to effect both production and transportation.

    Though weather is improved this week, especially across mountain passes and at the ports, snow and rain continues to fall. Phone lines around the office have been busy as our team members continue to work on scheduling and rearranging shipments. As we battle weather, our employees are busy rescheduling shipments and working extra shifts to keep containers moving toward the ports. Others work to keep our plant clear of snow and ice. Our investment in top of the line equipment helps to ensure that our drivers are able to avoid problems. This not only helps us stay on schedule but also keeps our employees safe on the roads.

    We are committed to doing everything we can to meet our customers’ needs. Though we can’t change the weather and its effects on infrastructure, there are many things we can do to help keep things moving. One of the many benefits to our customers is the operational expertise of our team and each person’s commitment to uphold our reputation even under these adverse conditions. Relationships are our top value at Anderson Hay. Our customers rely on us to provide a continuous supply of quality hay year round. Our heavy investment in relationships, both internally and externally, allows us the opportunity to rise to our current weather challenges.

    We thank all of our customers for their understanding and support this month. If you have experienced delays in your shipments, we are working hard to get your product promptly shipped. This temporary situation is a challenge we are equipped to handle and our team takes pride in making sure we each do what we can to meet our customers’ needs.

    You can find more information on shipping and export on our website.

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