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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

    Straw, Alfalfa and Timothy Update

    Posted on Aug 8, 2011

    The weather has turned across our growing areas in the Pacific North West and many are finally experiencing long stretches of dry and warm weather. Growers in the Kittitas Valley are keeping the new 2nd cutting Timothy crop well irrigated as it grows in this drying weather. The warm and windy conditions make having an experienced grower base vital to harvesting a good 2nd cutting crop.

    We are hoping to see some good quality 2nd cutting Alfalfa from the North Columbia Basin now that the weather has warmed up. So far this year it has been dificult tofind high grade 2nd cutting Alfalfa from the Columbia Basin. The South Basin has begun 3rd cutting during the good weather. The favorable conditions have been good for the Alfalfa harvest and we expect to see good yeilds and some nice hay put up in the South Basin.

    Though growers in the South Willamette ValleyFescue for Straw growing in Oregon 2011 have had weather challanges during their Straw harvests, the North has largely been spared. The last two weeks have provided stave weather conditions for Annual Rye, Orchard Straw and Fescue Straw harvests. The lack of rain has allowed the North Willamette Valley to bale quality straw. Most of the Annual Rye Straw fields have been baled along with half of the Fescue and some early Perenial Rye fields. The next week will bring a lot of activity to the North as farmers get their fields cut and baled.

    To make a smooth trasnsition for our partners, Anderson Hay would like to emphasize the importance of orders for summer movement. These orders help growers free up barn space, establish price and allow end users to see the new quality available. The early movement also allows processors to avoid extra storage costs and shipping lines to experience steady movement. All of this leads to a more streamlined process for our customers.


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