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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

    Alfalfa and Timothy Harvests showing good quality

    Posted on Jul 12, 2011

    About a quarter of growers in the Southern Basin have their 2nd cutting Alfalfa swathed and baled. Growers will continue to harvest over the next week. The hay from 2nd cutting looks good and we are excited about the quality. The Norh Basin will see alot of harvest acitivity this week as the weather forcast looks optimal. We expect to see some nice quality 2nd cutting Alfalfa coming out of the North Basin soon.

    Anderson Hay Timothy Hay Bales being StackedThe Basin is also wrapping up the 1st cutting Timothy harvest. Indications are that the weather has cooperated and we should see some good hay from the Basin. Kittiats Valley is also deep into their 1st cutting Timothy harvest. Just a few of the fields remain to be baled. The weather has been great for growers to complete their harvest activities. The quality of hay from the Pacific North West is good and we expect yeilds to be similar to 2010.

    Activity in the Willamette Valley increased this last week as Straw harvest got underway. About half of the Orchard Straw was swathed last week and through the weekend. Farmers have also started harvesting Fescue and Annyal Rye straw. We expect the Perennial Rye Straw harvest to begin in late July.