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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

    Timothy and Alfalfa Harvest Get Much Needed Sunshine

    Posted on Jul 5, 2011

    Finally growers are getting the weather they need to keep the harvest moving. The Pacific North West 1st cutting Alfalfa harvest has been compleed and many growers have stared the 2nd cutting. We expect fields to be busy as the rest of the growers take advantage of the good weather. Most should have their fileds cut within the next week. The spring and early summer brought many challanges to harvesting this year's Alfalfa but farmers are excited to bale some nice quality hay over the next few weeks.Anderson Hay Timothy Harvest PNW July 2011

    Klamath Falls growers are wrapping up their 1st cutting Alfalfa harvest as well and should have baling activities completed by the end of the week. The harvest in Christmas Valley is still delayed a few weeks but quality should be good. Sunny skies and warm weather are expected to continue through the area throughout July. We expect to see only two cuttings come out of Christmas Valley this year.

    The Timothy harvest has also been moving along as Southern and Central Columbia Basin farmers finish baling their 1st cutting Timothy hay this week. Growers in the Norhtern Basin and Kittitas Valley have also started swathing their hay as warm temperatures and clear skies prevail through the week. A small ammount of cut hay received rain from a short lived rain shower early last week. The shower will have a very limited impact in the quality of hay form the Kittiatas Valley.

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