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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

    1st Cutting Alfalfa Harvest Wraps Up, Timothy Harvest Underway

    Posted on Jun 20, 2011

    The 1st Cutting Alfalfa Harvest is wrapping up this week as growers bale the last of the fields in the Southern Columbia Basin. It looks like all of the 1st Cutting Alfalfa has received rain in some amount. In the Northern Columbia Basin, gowers have mostly finished cutting and should have the majority of their fields baled this week. Rain fell through parts of the north on Wednesday, June 17th. Some ares were rained on and some were spared.  Our hay buyers estimate that a quarter of the Alfalfa going up in the Northern Basin will have received rain. Early indications are that our current 1st Cutting Alfalfa crop will be similar to last years'. The majority of hay will have received rain at some point. This year, like last, we will see see a small amount of good, green, high testing 1st Cutting Alfalfa coming out of the Basin. We'll keep you updated on the Alfalfa harvest as growers in the Basin get started on the 2nd Cutting within the next two weeks.

    Growers in the Southern Columbia Basin Timothy Hay field in the Kittitas Valleywere excited to get their 1st Cutting Timothy harvest underway last week. The weather finally cooperated and the area enjoyed the sunshine and stong winds needed to cure the freshly swathed hay. Fields that have been cut are showing a nice green color and a good yield. With temperatures expected to remain warm and chance of precipitation low, Timothy hay growers in the Northern Columbia Basin and the Kittitas Valley plan to begin cutting early next week.

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