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    2011 Alfalfa Harvest Update

    Posted on May 27, 2011

    So far, the cool temperatures have slowed the alfalfa growth this spring. Anderson Hay has been checking the fields regularly and, though harvest has barely begun, the alfalfa stands look great. The good news is that this sort of weather pattern has historically been good for the quality of alfalfa harvested. We expect to see some high quality alfalfa with better testing than in warmer springs.

    Anderson Hay Alfalfa Columbia Basin resized 600

    Growers in the Columbia Basin are likely to begin 1st cutting Alfalfa harvest within the next week. Though a few fields have been cut in the Southern Basin, most fields are not quite ready for harvest. Growers are anxiously eyeing the weather reports waiting for the opportune time to cut. As rain showers are predicted to continue over the weekend it will be a few more days before growers will cut their alfalfa. We are hoping for better weather conditions over the next few weeks. Right now everything depends on a window of good, dry weather to get the hay cut, baled and in the stack.

    We anticipate a good year for alfalfa. Anderson Hay is looking forward to offering some very high quality alfalfa to our customer base. We will keep you updated each week on the current status of the Alfalfa harvest across the Columbia Basin as we move through harvest season.

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