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    2015 Western United States Hay Acreage Infographic

    Posted on Feb 4, 2016

    Accounting for about 20% of the national hay area harvested in the United States, the Western US has a climate suited perfectly for the growth of high-quality, nutritious forage. Every day, bales from these states feed animals across the country and around the world. Hay is shipped from ports along the West Coast, making its way to dairies, farms, race horses, and camels across the world.

    Where in the West does this actually come from? Not surprisingly, Montana comes in #1 for total hay acreage in the Western US with 2.8 million acres harvested in 2015. Check out the infographic below for a full list of Western US states and the total acreage each contributes to providing the best hay in the world.




    Keep an eye out for our upcoming infographic on Western US Hay Production to learn exactly where hay was produced in 2015, and visit www.Anderson-Hay.com to see our high-quality forage options that set the industry standard for excellence.


    Topics: Hay for Horses, Quality of Forage, Race Horse Hay, Export Hay