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Alfalfa for Cows

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa Hay is also a popular choice in the export and domestic markets for top producing dairy cows. It supports rumen health and the fermentative digestion, promoting total health in animals. Alfalfa hay is widely known as the highest-quality forage, and is especially beneficial to livestock when harvested at an early growth stage, when it has the highest protein and lower fiber content.

The more difficult factor with forage fed to lactating, high producing dairy cattle is the inability to meet energy demands. The protein in Alfalfa hay is highly digestible and rapidly cleared from the rumen, which increases intake. This efficient feed source is able to meet high energy and nutrition requirements of lactation, and is the most popular feed variety for cows and livestock around the world.

Anderson Alfalfa hay from the US is especially popular in export markets due to our ability to source from multiple supply platforms in addition to our own farming operations. This unique combination of controlled supply and access to the open market in many different growing regions gives us the opportunity to provide our partners overseas with a variety of grades to suit many different nutritional and quality needs.

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