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Hay Industry News

In The News


Growers in New Mexico have completed 1st cutting and are tending their fields for 2nd cutting, which is expected to begin in the next couple of weeks.

In the Pacific Northwest (PNW), heavy rains over the weekend limited 2nd cutting export Alfalfa from the Columbia Basin. The Klamath Falls area received rain as well. Export grade is limited as of now. Growers in Christmas Valley are working around the weather to finish up 1st cutting.

Temperatures have been high in Utah and the Pacific Southwest (PSW). Growers in Utah are expecting to begin 2nd cutting early next week. In the PSW, hay from 4th cutting is bright green and drier due to the high temperatures and will fit into a High Color Economy grade.


Some growers in the PNW have been able to work around weather challenges. We have a good mix of grades across the board and are working very hard to be sure we have quality to meet customer expectations.


Early Straw harvest is getting started in southern areas of Oregon for Fescue and Annual Rye. Harvest has been delayed due to temperatures and weather.

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