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Harvest updates from our blog

Timothy and Alfalfa Harvest Seasons Ending

The next few weeks will see the end to both Alfalfa and Timothy hay harvest seasons. Both crops were heavily affected by the numerous rain showers that fell over the course of the summer and early...Read more

Harvest Update - Alfalfa & Timothy

Once again, rain has challenged the harvest last week through much of the Western United States. The majority of areas where rain fell were hit more than once. Growers stopped harvesting or delayed...Read more

Harvest Update - Alfalfa, Timothy & Straw

Growers have had their share of harvesting issues this season. Fortunately the weather has dried out to allow more favorable conditions for the upcoming 2nd cutting Alfalfa and Timothy harvests...Read more

Timothy and Alfalfa Harvests Face Weather Challenges

The weather has cleared throughout the Western U.S. during this past week. Summer temperatures have arrived in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) enabling harvests of all products to...Read more

Harvest Update - Timothy & Alfalfa

Washington growers have begun swathing 1st cutting Timothy. The Columbia Basin Timothy harvest is slightly ahead of that in the Kittitas Valley. The weather has been good thus far...Read more