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Harvest updates from our blog

Harvest Update - Alfalfa, Timothy, and Straw 22 July 2015

In the Pacific Southwest (PSW) Utah and New Mexico have been experiencing a mixed bag of hot and windy weather followed by storms and showers for the last couple of weeks. This has created a variety...Read more

Harvest Update - Alfalfa, Timothy, and Straw 8 July 2015

The Pacific Southwest (PSW) has experienced rain fall in the last week as scattered storms move through most of the area. A large number of growers have completed their 5th cutting of Alfalfa, with...Read more

Harvest Update - Alfalfa and Timothy 1 July 2015

Across the Western United States, growers are hard at work cutting and baling their fields. In addition to wide-spread drought conditions, growers have also struggled to find good cutting windows....Read more

Harvest Update - Alfalfa, Timothy, and Fescue 24 June 2015

The weather has turned for the better and things are beginning to dry out in New Mexico and Utah for the Alfalfa harvest.  This has allowed the 1st cutting harvest to resume. Due to weather...Read more

Harvest Update - Alfalfa and Timothy 17 June 2015

As we move though this season’s Timothy harvest, we felt it would be helpful to give customers an update as they prepare for inspections over the next several weeks. We are seeing Timothy prices...Read more