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Timothy and Alfalfa Hay Blog

2015 Western United States Hay Acreage Infographic

Posted on Feb 4, 2016

Accounting for about 20% of the national hay area harvested in the United States, the Western US has a climate suited perfectly for the growth of high-quality, nutritious forage. Every day, bales from these states feed animals across the country and around the world. Hay is shipped from ports along the West Coast, making its way to dairies, farms, race horses, and camels across the world.

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Nationwide Port Productivity Concerns

Posted on Nov 25, 2015

Just about everyone in transportation and import/export is looking for an increase in efficiency, and the ports are usually where we look. There are many opportunities for improvement within the supply chain. As a US Top 40 Exporter, Anderson Hay has about 55 loads a day currently going to port, solely from our headquarters in Ellensburg, WA, one of our three plants. Along with thousands of others in the supply-chain, our everyday operations are directly   dependent on how smoothly things go at marine terminals.

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Harvest Update - Alfalfa 30 September 2015

Posted on Oct 1, 2015

Growers in New Mexico are well underway with their 4th cutting Alfalfa harvest in some areas. About 25% has been cut and 10% baled so far. The 3rd cutting is still in progress as well, with just 5% of the harvest left to bale. Good weather has allowed for some very nice, green Alfalfa from this crop. Some precipitation is expected over the weekend.

Similar to New Mexico, some growersin Oregon are pushing to get the last of their 3rd cutting harvest baled while others are in the middle of 4th cutting harvest. Hay quality from this crop is also nice and green, and most of it is expected to be sold domestically. The weather has been mild and is should stay above the 70’s for the next week.

In Utah, clear weather has allowed for a good 4th cutting, but there is a push to finish up before the showers which are forecasted for the weekend and potentially into next week. Nearly all of the fields have been cut and over half have been baled.

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Harvest Update - Alfalfa 24 September 2015

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

In both the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and Pacific Southwest (PSW), irregular weather has pushed Alfalfa harvest out later than expected. With the elongated schedule comes a wide range in quality across the board.

New Mexico has completed 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest, and has about 95% baled. In most areas, growers were able to stay ahead of the stormy weather during the curing process and quality is better than originally predicted. Some areas have started a 4th cutting harvest this week.

The 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest in Utah has a wider range of quality due to some intense storms in the last two weeks. Growers able to avoid the poor weather put up great quality from this cutting. Weather is expected to be clear for the next 8 days, and good quality is expected from 4th cutting. So far, about 50% of 4th cutting harvest is complete, and 40% is baled.

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Harvest Update - Alfalfa and Timothy 16 September 2015

Posted on Sep 17, 2015

In the Pacific Southwest (PSW), monsoon season continues to challenge growers as they complete 6th cutting Alfalfa harvest. Export quality continues to be somewhat limited as a result. Cutting is finished, and about 85% of the baling is done so far with the rest expected to be done by the end of the week.

A large storm rolled through Utah this week, bringing cool weather, unexpected rain, and flash flooding in some areas of the state. This slowed 4th cutting Alfalfa harvest, and growers only were able to make minimal progress.

New Mexico also experienced some spotty, unpredictable weather this week, producing a wide variance in quality across the 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest. Over the last few days, growers were able to make good progress given the favorable weather window. About 75% of the Alfalfa is cut, and about 55% is baled up to this point. Fourth cutting is expected to begin in the next few weeks.

In the Pacific Northwest (PNW), growers in Oregon are continuing tofind good weather windows to wrap up 3rd cutting Alfalfa Harvest. Cutting is about 95% complete, with nearly all of that baled. Quality continues to be good. Some rain is expected in the next couple of days, with clear skies to follow.

Washington 4th cutting Alfalfa harvest is about 70% complete. Progress has been slowed in the last week due to low temperatures, however the quality

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Harvest Update - Timothy and Alfalfa 9 September 2015

Posted on Sep 10, 2015



In the Pacific Northwest (PNW), cooler weather in the last week has somewhat slowed harvest efforts. Growers in Washington State are continuing with 4th cutting Alfalfa harvest, and have about half of the harvest cut and baled. Quality is consistent, with good green color overall. In the Kittitas Valley of Washington, 2nd cutting Timothy harvest is finishing up this week and quality continues to hold. There are a few fields left to bale, which should finish up this week as well. Growers in the Columbia Basin were forced to slow their 2nd cutting harvest due to light rain showers, but were able to resume mid-week and are now in full-swing to complete the harvest in the next couple of days. Skies are forecasted to be clear and temperatures are expected to rise in the next 2-3 days.

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Harvest Update - Timothy and Alfalfa 2 September 2015

Posted on Sep 3, 2015


Monsoon season is nearing its end, and growers are looking forward to more stable weather in the Pacific Southwest (PSW) this week.

In New Mexico, many farmers dealt with intermittent storms last week and are still feeling the effects of the precipitation. Due to the weather, 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest is progressing slower than anticipated. Weather is expected to improve in coming days and clear skies are expected by the middle of the week.

The weather in Utah has been comparably mild, giving growers a good window to make progress on their 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest. As of Tuesday morning, 85% has been cut and 60% has been baled.  Quality is improving as the weather in the PSW begins to cooperate.

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Harvest Update - Timothy and Alfalfa 26 August 2015

Posted on Aug 28, 2015

Weather across the Pacific Southwest (PSW) continues to challenge growers. Storms, high moisture, and unpredictable weather continue to pose a challenge to farmers in Arizona and Nevada. Farmers are about 75% through the 6th cutting Alfalfa and the weather is forecasted to be clear for the next 8 days.Red_Rock_Timothy_Harvest_2nd_Cutting_Anderson_Hay

Growers in New Mexico and Utah were able to put up some good quality 3rd cutting Alfalfa during this past week due to a favorable weather window. Monsoon conditions are continuing to move into the area, with weather similar to what we previsouly reported for Arizona and Nevada, causing concern for maintaining quality as growers finish up 3rd cutting. This is typical for monsoon season, which is expected to continue through the end of September.

In the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Oregon harvest conditions have been favorable for producing good quality hay during 3rd cutting harvest. Growers were able to get approximately 30% of the crop baled over the last week. They are looking forward to a 4th cutting this year.

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Harvest Update - Timothy and Alfalfa 19 August 2015

Posted on Aug 21, 2015

In the Pacific Southwest (PSW), the rainy weather has finally cleared in New Mexico and Utah. The forecast for the upcoming week is favorable with dry weather conditions expected. Growers are continuing their 3rd cutting Alfalfa harvest. So, far they have cut about half of the fields and have a small amount baled. Temperatures are expected to be in excess of 100°F for the next week.timothy_hay_2nd_cutting_red_rock

Growers in Arizona and Nevada are half way through with 6th cutting harvest. The area experienced scorching hot weather all through last week and sporadic, untimely rains. The adverse weather created challenges for growers during the 6th cutting Alfalfa harvest. Temperatures are expected to remain high throughout the next week, and we are eager to see how this affects quality.

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Harvest Update - Alfalfa and Timothy 12 August 2015

Posted on Aug 13, 2015

Growers across the Pacific Southwest (PSW) continue to work around monsoon season, which typically peaks in the middle of August. Growers are about 50% through the 6th cutting of Alfalfa, and a small amount has been baled. In Arizona, New Mexico, Bermuda_Grass_Hay_CRITand Utah short windows of dry weather helped harvest. Growers in New Mexico and Utah were able to start 3rd cutting this week.  Due to unpredictable rain storms and the delayed harvest, quality is challenged. The 8-day forecast for Utah and Nevada show some possibility of thunderstorms. The rest of the PSW should have mostly clear weather, providing more a favorable cutting window. Storms are expected to clear completely by the end of September.

In the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Klamath Falls and Christmas Valley received lots of rain throughout their 2nd cutting harvest limiting export quality Alfalfa from this cutting. Growers are planning to begin 3rd cutting within the next few weeks.

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